Lawn Leaf Management Craig’s Lawn Care Duncan Oklahoma

It’s hard to believe that we are now midway through September. We are starting to see some little signs that Fall is just around the corner. One of the most obvious signs of fall in Duncan Oklahoma is that our leaves are just about to come tumbling down. In fact, in my own yard as write this blog post, I can see my Oak tree is letting go of some of it’s leaves in the gentle breeze. Within the next few weeks most lawn services will be transitioning from managing grass growth to managing falling leaves.

Leaves on lawn Caraig's Lawn Care Duncan Oklahoma

Soon the Bermuda grass that is in most of our lawns will start slowing down in it’s growth cycle, especially with the lack of rain that we have had in the last month or so. As this slow down occurs some of you may be tempted to stop mowing your grass on a weekly basis. However, this time of year as the grass growth winds down the leaves that are falling picks up. Mulching your leaves weekly as they fall with a mulching mower can add nutritional benefit to your lawn. A study over several years at Purdue University, shows that mulching leaves can help with soil conditions. Letting leaves lay on the lawn for long periods of time has an adverse effect on the lawn. A thick layer of leaves blocks sunlight, which eventually will harm or even kill the grass. Even a small amount of leaves can  allow moisture to be held in the turf canopy, which increases the potential for disease and mold to the grass.

Weekly or even Bi-Weekly lawn mowing can reduce the risk to your lawn from disease, mold, and lack of sunlight. Regular lawn care maintenance is as essential to your lawn, as regular maintenance to your car. Taking care of problem areas as they occur is much more economical than letting  the problem just pile up.

If you live in the Duncan Oklahoma area, and would like a free quote for lawn care. Please visit us at Craig’s Lawn Care . Please like us on our Facebook page!

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